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Overcome stress, worry, pain, anxiety, depression, soul loss, and grief using some of the many energy healing techniques available from Shane Donohoe at Chiron Healing Centre. Stress is one of the main causes of illness in our society today which we very often treat (unnecessarily) with medication rather than safer and longer lasting techniques. We have the ability to heal ourselves given the right techniques, putting them to use, and making the right lifestyle choices. This may come as news to many people but it’s true. Empowerment is the key at Chiron Healing Centre where we work together to restore your energy body vitality paving the way to a brighter future.

Internationally trained in dowsing, EFT, EMO, Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Counselling, and Rune Mastery, Shane Donohoe has overcome personal tragedy to become skilled in empathising with his clients and understanding their unique emotional and spiritual needs.

Following the death of his wife of 10 years Shane has been on the journey of the wounded healer since 2011, learning many healing techniques to overcome the pain of such a life changing experience. These techniques have been invaluable to Shane’s healing process and that of his children, helping them to navigate through their grief in a very profound way. One of his clients refers to it as “fast track bereavement healing”!

Shane refers to himself as his own best case study because all of the healing modalities he uses at Chiron Healing Centre he has first used on himself and his family to great effect.

From experience, Shane attributes the cause of pain and suffering in the vast majority of his clients to blocked energy flow in their bodies. When energy is blocked or stagnant you feel stressed, anxious, negative, worried, etc. and inversely when energy flows freely you feel relaxed, peaceful, happy, joyful, etc. Once the blocked energy is located, it is removed and the negative emotion attached to it leaves too. The more you release the better you feel and you move from feeling negative to feeling positive. So simple yet so powerful!

Have a listen to an interview with Shane on local radio station LMFM to find out more about the type of healing work he does at Chiron Healing Centre – LMFM Interview with Shane Donohoe